Thursday, June 05, 2008

More Better With Bestema!

My Mom was over for quite a while yesterday. She came over to give me a hand with Nora and we went and shopped for Brian's Father's Day gift.

During our time together, I asked Mom to take a picture of Nora and me. So often Nora's pictures are of her alone, and up until recently she was just lying down anywhere, or in her various chairs and toys where she could be propped up. I really wanted a good one of the two of us.

And this picture is one of my favorites! Both of us are looking at the camera, both of us have our eyes going in the same direction, and despite the fact that I didn't do a thing with my hair or put any makeup on, I look pretty decent, if I dare say so myself.

And as I said, Nora got LOTS of Bestema time yesterday. Sometimes I wonder who loves my kid more, me or her Bestema.

We've all just waited SO long and gone through SO much to have her. It's amazing to me what a miracle she is to so many people.

One of my friends named Heather said the other day that while she works as a massage therapist, she frequently shares our story of our long road to help encourage some of the women she sees who are struggling with infertility and/or loss.

I still look at my girl who's 8 1/2 months old now, and am purely amazed at every new skill she gets each day, and how much she is loved by many more than just Brian and me.

And I just LOVE it that Mom gets down on the floor and plays with her, and Nora does too!

Thank you for your time yesterday Bestema! It was a MUCH better day with you in it!

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