Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One Giant Leap Towards Equality

It's only one state, but it's a big one.

And the move it made recently to allow gay marriage is also a big one -- a big step towards civil rights for a group that deserves it.

I can only hope this news is news that will become routine.

There was a time many years ago when my brother Joel asked if I was going to the Gay Pride parade in Seattle -- a city that boasts a very large gay-friendly neighborhood and arguably has one of the largest gay population of most major cities in the country.

I only went once over the many years I lived there, and believe me, it's one heck of an entertaining way to spend an afternoon.

I enjoy going because it's one way to show support for those who are often marginalized because of the simple fact that who they love is within their own gender.

But I remember at one time also telling Joel that I hoped the day would come when they wouldn't have to have a parade to celebrate their gay-ness anymore than us Heteros having a parade to celebrate the fact that we love the opposite sex.

There are times when I find homophobia sort of fascinating. I mean, how much of a dolt do you have to be to be afraid of something that couldn't possibly affect you?

And don't bother citing any Biblical references. I know what the Bible says. I also know it says it's ok to own slaves, so that's completely beside the point.

I can say I have a gay brother, and a few gay friends, but really, who cares? To me, it's not important that someone tell me who they sleep with, in fact I look forward to the day that a gay kid won't have to worry about getting his or her butt kicked in school, or have to "announce" that they're gay to their family, because it's become accepted enough that no one has to out themselves.

So, when the California State Supreme Court paved the way for gay marriage in their state, I was happy. Because when California does something, it's just a matter of time before everyone else is doing it.

To me, there should be no "gay marriage" only "marriage" between humans who choose to do so. Allowing gay people to enter into marriage just like the rest of us is one way to acknowledge that their relationships are just as important as any other, and that they can get benefits, have hospital visitation rights, and make decisions for each other just like the rest of us marrieds can.

So "way to go!" California! Being the first state to reach that realization is one reason to forgive them for all their bad drivers, the Oakland Raiders, and of course, reruns of L.A. Law.

Photo shamelessly stolen from Yahoo News, by AFP/Getty Images. I'll take it down only if they ask nicely.

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Sarah in London said...

Hear, hear, Jules ... that's all, I guess.



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