Monday, June 02, 2008

God Help Us.

Times are truly tough financially for a lot of people, and we're no exception.

The worst part is just having one income. Brian's job is looking more and more tenuous right now.

No one is really saying much, but a bunch of guys he works with are taking vacations or just off work entirely this week because there just isn't enough for all of them to do.

Brian doesn't know if he'll get laid off soon, or if something is in the pipeline, and no one seems to want to say one thing or another about it. I really don't function well on the unknown, and I can't say many people do...just knowing would be easier!

It's also hard to believe that we did so much to get out here and start this job, only to have it possibly end so soon. It's not that it has, mind just looks bad right now. Still, we're glad to be near family. To have a smaller mortgage than most. To have some savings that we put away -- and even though it's for a new roof -- if we have to spend it to feed the family instead, so be it.

I'm looking for work, and have some options out there, but it's hard to know whether I should be looking for a day job, an evening/weekend job, or what. Ideally, I will be able to find something where I can work from home, or do something else that won't require daycare.

I'm SO not ready to plunk Miss Nora into daycare. I will if I find something that pays well enough and requires my time that way, but I've truly enjoyed my time with her, and was hoping for a little more.

It's not that I don't want to work ever...I know I'm not a stay-at-home mom type for forever. And I know I'm lucky to have had the time I have so far.

Sometimes life just has a way of saying "suck it up" and get moving. And that kinda sucks.


momaof4 said...

I will be praying something changes, or picks up, or opens up! It's so hard to leave those little ones...Plus she is just so darn cute! :)

Anonymous said...

Man...don't ya just want to go out for a cup of coffee or a beer and not have to think to your self, "Damn...that was like $8.00!I should have saved that for diaper wipes, etc!" " And I don't want to split that piece of cake three ways....geez!" Being broke all the time is hard. I'm glad I like rice and beans...we eat a lot of them.



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