Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Try Not To Be Too Black & White About Some Things, But...

There is DEFINITELY a "right way" and a "wrong way" to use this lovely "soft seat" that my friend Becky sent me.

Forgive me, Becky, but when you sent this to me before Nora was born, I thought it was pretty darn silly...but it didn't take more than one trip to Target with Nora barely sitting up and too big to fit in her easy snap-into-the cart carseat to realize this softseat is not only comfortable, but a germ-barrier GENIUS.

I can already think of 10 times I've used it and I can't even count the number of germs my kid hasn't been exposed to because of this soft seat.

You see, this soft seat fits over anywhere a baby needs to sit, whether it's a public high chair, or the best -- over a shopping cart.

This picture is the RIGHT way to use the soft seat...

Well, the other day, I brought the soft seat into the house, and washed it in the washing machine, then put it over the rail of Nora's pack & play to dry.

The next morning, I put her in her pack & play without really noticing the soft seat, and turned my back to do something, and before long, I head a bit of a struggle, and a bit of a cry for help, and then a giggle.

Here's Nora, with her head coming out of one leg hole, and an arm coming out of the other...

That, is the "wrong way" to use a soft seat. :)

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