Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cute Pictures Of The Day

Nora and I went downtown today and had coffee with a gal I met online from a local Mom's discussion group.

But that's a whole 'nother post.

I keep trying to write about it, but it's not coming out with any words that really say anything about these pictures.

Except to say that when our new friend Patti met Nora, Nora spent a good deal of her time grinning at Patti.

At one point, Patty said Nora "smiles with her whole face".

Yep, that's my girl. An ear-to-ear grin!

When we got home this afternoon, Nora spent a good deal of time chasing the cats, including the Kitten Hopper, who was outside, and Nora was in, and she kept bopping her head on the door trying to get to him.

She has so much to learn.

Like how you can't go through glass doors.


Teri said...

You keep saying that you can't see your genes in Nora. From my perspetive, I could have 100 babies in a room and 200 women....and I could match her with you.

You are so in every picture I see of her.

2curlygirlz said...

She is sooooo beautiful and she definitely smiles with her whole face.

Give her lots of hugs, squeezes, & kisses from us!!


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