Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cute Pictures o' The Day

So, the plan was to keep her awake.

Mom came over to help me for a few hours while I got another application in for another job I found that I would LOVE to have (as an assistant to the president of a local university).

I got home around 4:30 and found Nora already talking it up with Bestema, which doesn't bode well.

When Nora talks, it means she's tired. And when it starts at 4:30, we know we're in for a long haul towards an early bedtime.

So, we kept her going til 5:30.

Then we gave her dinner.

Then the yawning started.

So I gave her a bath because she LOVES the water and it would at least divert her attention.

Well, we got out of the bath, and barely into her Pampers (not shown in the photo), and I left to answer the phone, and as I was talking to Brian, I heard "Julie, come in here. Bring the camera."

We lost her to Bestema juggling her in her arms, singing and thinking that it would keep her awake.

At 6:30, I woke her up putting her PJs on, and by 6:41, she'd sucked a bottle dry and was fast asleep in bed.

Good night, sleep tight, little girl.

We love you.


Anonymous said...

Oh man are those cute pictures.Precious really! And I have to say...I wish I could take some pictures like that. Louis's Grandma/Pa live thousands of miles away....and we never see them,So pictures like that just don't occur. Nora is very fortunate!


2curlygirlz said...

Schane' just yelled oh how cuuuuuuute! You have no idea how much she wants to see Nora. And me too!

Thanx for the compliment, tho the credit goes to you. Luv you guys!!


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