Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nora Loves Her New Friend

Sorry I haven't been around much! My best friend from high school, Deb is visiting us this week from her home in Moscow, Idaho.

Wow, those IRL (In Real Life) friends can really get in the way of a blogger's compulsive blogging. But at least I've taken a few pictures!
Yesterday we went to Target, where Deb bought Nora a new pair of pink Crocs, and Mommy got her the boring stuff, like food.

Then today Deb and I walked down to a pita place near the capitol building with Nora in the stroller, then walked up to the Golden Man's capitol mall and listened to music in the park, while Nora played in the grass, practicing standing and walking as much as she can get away with.

We got hamburgers at Safeway for the grill tonight, and Nora just played and played with both of us before going down for the night.

Nora's standing (with help) a lot, and her balance is improving! She even pulled herself up on the futon today (the first time she didn't do it by hanging onto our hands/fingers). I told Deb today that if we just put off going to the Coast tomorrow, we might have her standing or even walking before Deb leaves on Friday.

Mom, Mom II, you can get back up now. I was just kidding. :)

Nora has had a lot of fun with Deb. She's been able to be the "hero" when Nora wakes up to go get her, and after the first morning of initially skeptical looks, she's decided she likes Deb very much, and spends lots of time with her Auntie Deb and sending lots of grins her way.

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