Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Road Not Taken...

Brian's job these days has been a special project of replacing aging and/or dying generators at the top of mountains in remote places in Oregon...

So today they said they were supposed to be working on Steens Mountain in ALL CAPS REMOTE Southeastern Oregon, but they couldn't get up there safely to do the work.
I laughed at first just because I've already heard of the roads he HAS taken, so I was a little surprised to hear there was a road that could NOT be taken...
So Brian showed me the picture of Steens Mountain today, the place they were supposed to work, but due to snow falling on it, they weren't able to get up it.

At first glance, it didn't seem like a HUGE deal.

I made the wisecrack about "What, you couldn't get up that thing? What a bunch of bedwetters!"

But click on that first picture and take a look. Then realize the elevation at the end of that long road is 9700 feet.

And that snow-blown ribbon going up the side of the mountain is the ROAD.

And that there's a point on the road where if you start sliding off it, as Brian said, one side sends you down about 4700 feet before you stop, the other about 2000.

"And either way, at your funeral, you won't be having an open casket."

Yeah, that can wait til next spring...

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