Saturday, October 04, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

It's been busy lately...Brian's traveling still.

I've hired a sitter to come over a couple of nights a week while I take a Chemistry class (that's another post, involving the dusting off of my brain to try to shove information about isotopes in).

He's been gone for 10 days, and we just found out he'll be gone a few more days now instead of coming home this weekend.

He said the other night "Thanks for your patience", after hearing he won't be home until almost Wednesday and not sounding mad about it. But I laughed and said "It's fake patience, hon. I want you to come home soon!"

So, these pictures are from my Mom and niece Miriam who have been over a couple-few times this week to help out with Nora so I can go out and get a little studying done.

Nora, of course, has had a blast with it all.

Tonight Miriam came over and was chasing Nora around for so long that she was running from room to room, panting and huffing really loudly and laughing at the same time, sometimes just falling down because she was trying to go too fast.

It's been so neat to watch Nora get more and more active, and more and more entertained by family.

She just loves everyone so very much!

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