Sunday, October 26, 2008

Proof of Life

Proof of Life.

Dumb movie? Definitely

But Daddy's visit after two weeks away was kinda like a simple proof that he's alive this weekend. Brian showed up LATE Friday night and was gone by late Sunday afternoon for a week of training in Seattle. Fortunately we won't have as many long separations after this past month or two.

We didn't do much this weekend, and it still went way too fast.

But we have a couple of examples that show Daddy was here.

One, is this picture of him with Nora upon arrival.

Second was this more obvious photo that Daddy let Mommy sleep in one morning, and he took charge of dressing Nora.

"I wanted to dress her in something that you wouldn't have put on her," he said.

Pink onesie with flowers around the neck, purple flower power pants, with bright turquois summer top.

You got that right there, Daddy-o.

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