Sunday, October 12, 2008

Miracles of Miracles

Here I sit crying in a Starbucks.

I was just finishing up my studying for a bit today before Brian leaves for another stint out in the wilds of Eastern Oregon.

I had asked Susan last night if I could share a picture or two of her babies on my Blog.
And she not only said yes, but she sent me these beautiful pictures of her little ones, including our Miracle Boy Louis, and his new brother and sister, Kadie and Samuel, born just this last Tuesday!
Susan and I were pregnant at the same time with boys -- our Jacob was lost the summer before Louis was born. Louis came into the world on Oct. 25, the anniversary of my own Dad's death.

Before that Susan suffered losses as well, including one of her daughter Madeline, born still at nearly full term.

As you can imagine, our shared loss has brought us together like sisters.
So this morning I got a note and the pictures of the babies on the purple quilt are especially special...I made that quilt for Louis that summer as I was going through the loss of Jacob. And I made it especially for my artist friend Susan as my first non-geometrically repeating pattern. It's meant to symbolize the mountains of Colorado.

So, when she just sent me these pictures I couldn't help but get all teary eyed.

"I have a very special one from this morning. I’ll attach some in a follow up e-mail. It is all of us sharing our first morning together on the quilt you made us after Jacob and Louis were born. My exact words to Doug this morning were, ‘I could care less what any one says about the economy, our financial status, or our tiny house. I feel incredibly wealthy!’

Anyway, we were thinking of you, your family, Jacob, life, etc.. this Louis discovered Samuel’s pee-pee place, his belly button (which has a ‘boo-boo) and that Kadie will suck his finger if it goes near her mouth.

Love you guys


Hugs and love to you, Doug, and your beautiful kids Susan! And WELCOME to Kadie & Samuel!!!

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