Friday, October 10, 2008

Expalin This To Me...

I can't help but wonder how everyone who's so in love with Sarah Palin is going to be able to explain this.

But I guess as the pundits on CNN already tried to say, those of us who never supported her will chalk it up as further proof as to why she shouldn't be on the ticket.

And those who support her will just say it's a politically motivated character attack.

Speaking of which, how would Republicans like to explain this?

You see, it doesn't really matter that it was just one goombah who did this. The fact is it's just as outrageous because it's out-and-out voter tampering and fear-mongering.

Do I need to be the one to point out the craziness of this election?

The desperation is only going to make this campaign uglier.

I can't be the only one wishing it were Nov. 5 already.

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