Monday, October 13, 2008


It still amazes me that Sarah Palin continues to be defiant in the face of the investigation into her inappropriate influence-peddling to have her ex-brother-in-law fired.

In a report released today, Palin's aides were warned that continuing to push for his removal could cause embarrassment.

What really gets me about those within the Republican Party (I'm talking about George W. Bush particularly, but his cronies including Karl Rove and others) who seem to think the law doesn't apply to them. That flying in the face of the law and ethics or God help us -- The Constitution and the Bill of Rights -- somehow proves that you're a maverick -- not a low-life fraud.

Do you know what the definition of fraud is? It's getting someone to trust you, then letting them down.

I assure you Republicans, that's exactly what's happened here.

The law MUST apply to everyone. It MUST not be open for interpretation based on whether or not YOU are in power, and it MUST not be abused in a stupid family feud.

But really? I don't expect Joe 6-Pack to vote differently because of this, because we all know that those who are staunchly for the McCain/Palin ticket aren't going to change their minds over something as trivial as the law.

I DO hope, however, that anyone sitting on the fence recognizes Palin for who she is: An opportunistic power grabber who will say anything and do anything, if it suits HER interests, because she sure as hell doesn't care about YOU if you stand in her way.

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