Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Random Wednesday

I love this picture of Nora and Lucy.

The symbiotic relationship between Dog and Baby has begun, as Lucy has discovered that Nora's an awesome source of grilled cheese sandwiches and Goldfish.

See? I have to explain this picture. I have to explain most of my pictures. It's nice how my friends often post a really nice picture with no explanation on Wednesdays, called "Wordless Wednesdays."

Well, here it is Wednesday and I'm not wordless at all. I feel random and chatty and nervous.

First of all, I have an exam in about two hours. Mom's coming over to watch Chica here, and I have to go see if I know the first four chapters. At some point this week I need to learn Chapter 5, do the homework for that and then start reading Chapters 6 and 7 for next week.

That's the part that makes me nervous.

The rest of it is just from yesterday...Including the middle of the night.

Nora's latest trick is to only wake up once instead of twice, which is good. But for two nights in a row, she's cried on and on and refused to go back to sleep at 2 or 3 in the morning.

That sucks.

I finally gave her a little Benadryl and realized she's got the nasty cold going through the families. Poor kiddo.

For the big finish for today's randomness, the good news: I went shopping at Penneys yesterday after I got done studying and bought myself a new pair of jeans. No only were they on sale for $17, which I LOVE, but they were a size smaller than I've been in recent months. All that Weight Watchers crap is finally starting to work.

I guess it's not great news that my bra-buying went well sale-wise, but not size wise. I'm not the busty gal I was while pregnant, but I was still wearing the bras. Perhaps in some desperate attempt to maintain the illusion that I would get to keep "the girls", I didn't want to face facts that they had in fact left about the same time as the smaller jeans were made possible. So I got to go back to my old size.

Boo. Hiss.

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