Friday, October 24, 2008

Phone Pix

Mom and Aunt Kathy were at Powell's Books (the best bookstore on The Planet Earth), and they found this fabulous book on "Tails" for Nora.

Nora's big on pointing these days.


She LOVES putting that little index finger out and pointing at whatever you ask her that she has an answer for.

She knows noses.

She knows kitties.

She knows tails.

This particular page is her FAVORITE! It's the page that makes her flap her arms and point and point and point some more at the beautiful peacock.

Did you know that Oregon has lots of peacocks?

They're gorgeous. And Nora thinks so too...

My silly girl.

What can I say, except she's not over the fact that sticking her tongue out is funny.

She is so very sweet.

So very difficult to pin down.

So very fun to try and photograph anyway.


COUSIN Odette gave Nora this beautiful set of lions from the movie "Lion King" -- And Nora LOVES LOVES LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES them. Whenever I wave one in front of her, she runs right for it, and gives it the biggest hug...

Then drags them all over the place all day long.

The other day we brought home Nora's first pumpkin of her very own. She loved it when I put it in the seat next to her, and belted it in.

We took this picture just to e-mail it to Daddy and Bestema so they could see our event of the day!

Ask Nora about Obama, and really, she's one.

She doesn't really get it.

But Mommy got her ballot this week, and voted early for Obama.

There was a lump in Mommy's throat as she delivered her ballot to the Marion County Courthouse.

It was the first time in Mommy's life SHE got to vote for someone she really believes in.

Nora says "Thumbs UP for that!"

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