Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I love my pumpkin.

I've started shopping at Wal-Mart. Only on desperate days when Nora is between a nap and a hard place and I REALLY REALLY need groceries AND goodies, so my Target (which has no groceries) and my Safeway (which has no goodies) won't do the trick.

So, here's my $2.98 pumpkin.

I looked up online to get some ideas, because I'm a Mom and I'm tired. And the only ideas I have left involve the very old school triangles and toothy grins.

So I got on (don't go there, it's a pop-up nightmare) and got this idea for a Mummy pumpkin. You can't see the back but there's a number of cuts so if he was a white pumpkin, like the BHG website showed (don't go there, it's a pop-up nightmare), you'd see how cool it would look like there were strips of things coming off him.

I went to the store and bought about $50 worth of candy. I hope the kids in the neighborhood show up or it's going to be a very long winter alone with my stash of Milky Ways, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and more...I'm trying to lose the baby weight now that the kid's a C'MON kids!

And No, NORA will NOT be trick-or-treating. I can't get her to walk ANYWHERE in a straight line, and I can't imagine corralling her down the street to go to people's houses for candy she can't eat...

But to my credit I DID give her chocolate today, her first edge of a Reese's...and as her little blue eyes lit up, I said "That, Nora, is chocolate. It's your FRIEND."

By next year, she should know exactly what I'm talking about. Not just hear "Blah blah blah Nora. Blah blah blah Nora."

Happy Halloween.

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