Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Desperation Is Starting To Show...

It's amazing to me what the Republican leadership and some of their followers are saying these days.

President Bush just signed his name to his $700 billion legacy, and the McCain/Palin show is not doing as well as they hoped as their numbers dip in the polls.

For Sarah Palin to be saying that Barack Obama is "palling around with terrorists" just shows clearly how desperate they're getting.

I had someone actually say that we Democrats are acting all high and mighty like we have the moral high ground.

Well, gee whiz, Wally. When you have a VP nominee accusing our presidential candidate of an offense just this side of being caught in bed with a minor and it's a bald faced lie, what position do you think we have?

And what's next?

I even see the anger in the voices of those I know who talk about politics. The friendly debates are ending, and people are taking things personally.

The reality is, the people who hate Barack Obama are the ones who routinely reduce themselves to name-calling ("Oblahblah's" just a recent one) while their candidates make false accusations so they can grab headlines.

And yet I can type John McCain's name without calling him anything other than Senator, or The Republican Candidate?

Does that make me a better person? Maybe not, but I like to think that because I show some restraint by not name-calling the candidates, or even their believers, that I am taking the higher road.

But I still have to blog it and call them on it when they do it, isn't that fair?

So I have to ask this question: Is Sarah Palin's willingness to stretch the truth into lies really that "breath of fresh air" in politics that you all were looking for?

I'm afraid regardless of whether they found a cute hockey mom to deliver the message, the Republican strategy is still the same old stale cabin air you get when you fly in an airplane at 30,000 feet just like it always has been.

There's nothing fresh about it.

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