Friday, May 23, 2008

When Hatred Comes Up and Slaps You One

We just had a neighbor from across the street rip up our Obama yard sign and throw it in the bushes.

My Mom and niece were just driving up and saw her do it, so Brian went out and fished the sign out of the bushes. I walked out and asked her if she did it and she said “yes.” When I asked why, she said “Because you’re a n*gger lover.”


I said “Well, that may be, but it’s my property. So don’t touch it again or I’ll call the police.” She said she didn’t care, so I went ahead and called the police.

The lady at 911 said she’d be sending a police officer over to make contact.

I don't have words for this person. I was almost speechless. Almost.

But in the end. Here I am almost shaking at first with anger. And then I thought "How pathetic."

How pathetic to have so much hate in one's heart. How very pathetic and sad.


Teri said...

Oh for Pete's sake - wait - is the 2008 or 1962?

You should blow up the picture we took at the house across from Grandma's - and put it in your yard.

momaof4 said...

Oh my word!!!
Your kidding.
Good grief.
I don't have a clue what to say.

You should put that other sign in your yard.

YA said...

Yeah 2008 and this still goes on...some people can not see past that. I'd put up ten more signs and hide and electrical fence so she gets zap if she tries that

She is passing by a lot of wonderful people just because she can not get past "color"

Hugs to you Jules, and thanks

Anonymous said...

Jules, you and a few others of us are cosmopolitan, open minded, sensitive and sensible. Although your experience with your neighbor is something that would shake me to the core, it is really also good information to know what kind of person your neighbor is and to know that in fact, sadly, there are people like that in this world. It also tells us that we have a way to go in America. Every African American that I have asked has had discrimination experiences. You and I don't treat people differently because of the color of their skin, but many people do. This is a sad reality.

Anonymous said...

I relayed your story to some friends out here and they thought I was joking! "No joke,” I told them! These are the folks who I sort of wish bad things on...O.K. that might not be mature. How about....she needs a major brain operation, one of serious consequence, and the top surgeon comes in to crack open her melon...and, to her surprise he's black! Oh..for lands sake..what will she do now? Trust her head to this guy? Will all her horrible thoughts comes back to haunt her in this moment of need. I hope so....



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