Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Look Who's Expecting!

My blogger friend from Spain, Gatxan, has been reading my blog for some time now. She has posted comments since long before Jacob, and has always had kind words for me.

I just saw her blog again today, and she's had her first ultrasound, and is due in November.

DO look at her blog, but for you English-only speakers -- Be prepared because she publishes in Catalan, a language that looks familiar to Spanish speakers, but is another language entirely.

To learn more about Catalan, click here

Congratulations Gatxan!!! I am so VERY happy for you!

1 comment:

Gatxan said...

Oh.... dear.... I'm honoured and a bit overwhelmed for your post. Thanks a lot (and again)!!!!. And I really appreciate your interest and explanation about my language.

Un fuerte abrazo!


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