Monday, May 05, 2008

Cutie Roundup

Nora just loves this Exersaucer because she can be in a standing position.

If you ever wonder how I get to blog at all, it's because she's sitting right here in front of me, playing in her "home office".

This morning she rolled and commando-crawled her way off of her blankets, and started heading down the hall out of the family room. Every day it's a little more.

And yes, we've already bolted bookcases to the walls and installed locks on the cupboards with breakables and chemicals!

My friend gave Nora this toy with the mirror, and she was trying to kiss herself (or maybe lick herself, LOL) in the mirror.

She heard the camera come on and at first she saw me in the reflection, then turned around to look at me.

I LOVE this toy for her too because every day she looks at herself and gives herself a big smile, and I imagine she still hasn't quite figured out that the baby in the reflection is her!

Then a pic of her first experience with spaghetti (by Gerber)...My Mom says that I'm supposed to let her get into the food more, so I did. Mom says she let us play with our food, and I wondered "But did we have new carpet at the time?"

I don't think so!

Still, I gambled and figured at least I own a carpet cleaner! Nora just had a blast. This week, we're going to get one of those plastic floor protector things for under the high chair!

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