Friday, May 16, 2008

We're Just Not Normal, People.

I went over to Jeff & Judy's farm today to help paint their house/barn.

Of course, it's one of those "Wow, it's mid-May and it's going to be 95 degrees for only one day, and this is the day we'll start painting."

My brother Jeff isn't really that diabolical. But he is a college professor who took the day off from work so we could work on the house.

By 10 a.m. the four of us were painting. That would be Jeff, and his daughters Hannah (16) and Miriam (12 going on 25).
I had to take a few pictures to document the event.

Let's start with Jeff.

Please note the ice skater pose.

And I don't think he wonders how he had all those broken bones, stitches and compressed disks in his back.

Well, he shouldn't.
Then there was Hannah. I took this picture and she said "People are going to think I painted that."


Yes they are.
And Miriam. The Girl Wonder who's mouth runs just as fast as the next Peterson, only she's 12, almost 13 here in a couple of weeks, so there's really no filter on it whatsoever.

Of course, the pose she has here, came only after I said "If you don't show me your face, I'm going to just take a picture of your butt and blog it."

I'm such a great aunt.

Dontcha think?

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live_wire232 said...

Love it! I got a great laugh out of your remark to Miriam! Sounds like something I'd say... lol!


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