Thursday, May 15, 2008

Scary, Huh?

It's like looking into the future sometimes...

This kid, she's just a BABY! Nora will be 8 months old on Saturday, and she's taller than the average 1-year-old by a long shot.

Here she is, looking oddly toddleresque -- except for the bald and toothless part.

She outgrew her infant carseat. That handy dandy "Travel System" carseat that snaps into the stroller, and back into the car.

No more.

We sprang for the next best thing for a Evenflo Triumph, which raves about, is half the cost of a Britax (which start around $250 and go up from there), and can be turned around when she turns 1 year old, along with carrying her up to 50 lbs.

Which at the rate she's growing, will be in 6 months or something.

A couple of times when my sister Judy has seen her and noticed Nora yawn or eat a big meal, she says "She must be in a growth spurt."

And I laugh and say "Yeah, that growth spurt she's been in since the day she was born!"

People keep telling me her growth will slow...

I think "they" are all full of it.

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