Saturday, May 03, 2008

What's Left To Do At The Zoo?

We decided instead of mowing the lawn or cleaning house that today was a MUCH better day spent at the zoo.

Yes, again!

The line outside was horrific, but we have passes so we shot right in. The rain started, stopped and started again, so we ended up staying just a few hours, but it was still well worth the drive.
Nora really loved the sea lions again. She just couldn't get enough of them. This picture was my favorite as the sea lions came around and around, and each time one of the two of them slowed down as he came towards Nora, as if he was checking her out! (click on the actual picture to get a larger view of it, it really is such a spectacular animal!)

We headed towards the elephants and Africa area -- and ran into our niece Hannah's friend Anna, who volunteers in the zoo. The odds of finding her in the crowd when we weren't even looking for her were rather small, but there she was!

Nora reached out for Anna and wanted to touch her face. It was so cute! It was like she recognized her and wanted to say "Hi FRIEND!"

As we rode home, it didn't take long for Nora to fall asleep in the car, but it wasn't without several minutes of crying and screaming.

Brian finally handed her his cell phone, which if you look closely she's fallen asleep with it in her chunky little hand.

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