Saturday, May 03, 2008

What's Wrong With This Picture?

My friend Roxie will have a field day with this one! She's a lot of us gals' Carseat Guru, who tells what to buy and what to avoid as we navigate the laws, the costs and the benefits of each carseat on the market.

So Brian was getting us ready to go today, and as he was getting everything loaded into the car, he realized he'd forgotten Nora's carseat.

So what does he do?

He sits her in the front seat, buckles her in, and since he has his camera with him (for another trip to the zoo), he decides to take a picture of her.

I saved this picture as "NO.DADDY" as in "I'm not supposed to be in the front seat, facing forward, with just a lap belt."

I'm not sure which one's scarier -- the fact that she's sitting in the front seat of the car, or the fact that she's having an easier and easier time these days sitting with no assistance.

And while we're at it with the new skills... our girl is working hard to learn how to crawl. This picture I took last week when she was just learning to get her legs under her. She hadn't quite figured out to get herself up on her hands yet, as you can see she's resting on her elbows still.

But just last night at Jeff & Judy's, here she is getting up on all fours. What's really funny is that she gets that little butt so high in the air, it throws her off balance, which results in...

This. Either she falls over and rolls, or she faceplants.

Oh Nora. I'm already sorry in advance for posting this. I know you'll be eye-rolling me hard for these pictures someday!

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