Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Perfect Day During A Perfect Weekend

Teri and I have been friends for nearly 20 years now. It's hard to believe I've known her almost half of my life! We worked at The Seattle Times for many years, then went on to work in other places, but we've always stayed in touch, and always made an effort to see each other.

My friend Teri came to visit me this weekend.

Well, really Nora.

But Saturday was a hot sunny day, and with Brian off work, Nora a bit under the weather with her cold, and Teri now living in a landlocked state near a bunch of Osmonds, I figured we better make a dash for the Coast.
I love these first two pictures of her because the first one is right after she put her arms down from seeing the ocean for the first time in a nice long time, and her enthusiastic "YES!" that is Trademark Teri.

The second picture I like because it just captures more of what is Teri -- happy, fun-loving, and thrilled to be where she is, when she is.
We had such a beautiful day out in Pacific City.

It was in the 70s, even with the wind (which on the Oregon Coast isn't just rare, it's a freaking miracle). And the water only cramped your feet a little, not a lot.

There were actually people swimming in the Pacific!
Teri and I had lunch at a little deli in town, then drove up to a State Park that has just a few people over the dune, and all you have to do is walk 100 yard south, and you're all but alone on the beach. Just 20 miles south are thousands of people stacked up on top of each other at Lincoln City, but we were all by ourselves most of the afternoon!

Walking down the beach, sometimes together, sometimes separately...taking lots of pictures and enjoying the day. You really can't ask for a better day.

On the way back, Teri started picking up a couple of bottles she found, and then I picked up a big piece of styrofoam, and before we knew it, we were zig-zagging along the beach to pick up litter as we went along.

We even found a bottle with Korean type imprinted on the bottle. Which, even if it was cool, was litter, so into the trash it went.

We got back last night and sat on our back porch, in lawn chairs, enjoying a glass of wine and talking while Brian went to a movie. Today we went to Portland for a trip to Trader Joe's and a quick lunch in downtown Portland before taking Teri to PDX for her trip back.

It was, I think, one of the most perfect weekends in my whole life.

Thank you Teri, for coming to see me and our girl! We are so glad to have you here, and thanks for everything!

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Teri said...

So....I started writing my blog and see that yours has been wrote almost the exact thing I was writing. I'm just going to link to yours because it can't be said any better than you did here. Yes - it was perfect....just perfect.....just like you, your fabulously sweet hubby and that precious precious swettie, Nora. Thank you so much!


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