Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm On The WehhhhhhhhhB!

Nora got her first broadcast experience with a webcam this weekend. Her cousin John showed her the ropes.

All I could think of was that Monk promo where he gets his first e-mail and he says "I'm on the Wehhhhhhhhhhhb!"

She got to play with cousin Erik too. Nora just LOVES having lots of people to play with, and both her cousins from Gig Harbor love to spoil her extra rotten!
On Saturday morning, we were getting breakfast ready, and here was John with Nora in her play area, and Nora was using him as a climbing toy to get to her other toys.
Then there was the tasty trip to Taco Del Mar. Because even though Nora can't eat there yet, the rest of us can!

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