Thursday, May 22, 2008

There's No Picture For This

I keep having a flashback (a real one, so I guess it's more of a memory) of my friend Teri coming to my house and seeing my Nora for the first time.

Teri flew in on Friday evening, and landed at Nora's bedtime, so I left Nora at home and greeted Teri at the airport alone.

We got here, and with Nora's lamp on, I took Teri in to Nora's room so she could see her.

She cried. Teri, that is.

She stood there and cried and said "you can look at all these pictures, but it's just so REAL when you get to see them!"

Yeah. My girl, my Nora is real.

I call her my "precious angel girl" when I greet her every morning.

That little head bobs up in the crib and I get greeted with the grin that makes every day a precious one.

And sometimes I cry a little.

I hope Nora gets to understand someday what a gift she is. Her mere presence on this planet is a gift that can never be repaid.

And sometimes that makes people -- not just me -- cry for joy.


Sara C. said...

Jules, I have tears of joy every time you share your girl with us. She is SUCH a miracle girl, such a blessing. My girls know about Nora, Abby asks how "how is your computer friends baby today? Any new pictures of Baby Nora?"

Thank you for sharing your girl with us.

Teri said...

Thanks Jules - you gone and done it again...sniff sniff. And seeing the picture of her crawling....she was soooo very close last week. Nice that I saw the preview!


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