Monday, February 04, 2008

A Mish Mash of Long Overdue Pictures!

Brian had today off so we decided to make good use of our time and we took a few loads of boxes over to the house.

Since my Mom left for California and on to Hawaii with my aunt, we don't have a built-in babysitter, so Nora came with us...She spent a lot of time in the center of the action in the kitchen today...enjoying watching her Mommy wash all the dishes and decide where to put them!

After a while though, that got sorta boring, so she decided it was time to take a nap. A blanket in a nearly empty family room was in order...
She fell asleep almost immediately after I put her down in there!

Here's the blue room -- you would be so proud of me/us...I bought the moulding around the background doorway and cut it and installed it, and painted it myself! The moulding around the door in the foreground was what I was trying to copy...

Miriam has babysat her cousin Nora a lot while I've done a lot of painting at the house. She likes to help Nora pretend she's "Jumbo Baby!" which makes Nora look quite big, and she gets quite a kick out of it.

Miriam's been babysiting so much, Nora recognizes her and smiles so much around her. I told Miriam the other night how much it means to me to have such a great babysitter. I never thought I'd feel comfortable leaving my baby with anyone for long, but Miriam does such a good job for us!

This one is of the babe hanging out after we got back from the house...She just LOVES her swing!


Teri said...

Good grief - she's going to be a tall one. And she soooo looks like you.

Anonymous said...

I was just going to say...and I noticed someone else did already...the picture of her in the jumpy looks JUST like you Jules!


Spedvet said...

I told this to Jules in an email, but she didn't respond.

I knew I wasn't crazy -- others agree!



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