Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Woman's Work

Nora and I went and bought our first power tool together as mother and daughter yesterday.

We got a new 14.4 volt, Skil cordless power drill.

Brian took our corded drill that we bought a million years ago. Then he broke it. Then he replaced it.

But he never brought it back into the house -- instead it sits in his truck.

So yesterday Nora and I went to Lowe's and priced out the drill section. We entertained the old guy who knows the difference between amps and volts, and which drill is best.

In the end, when you're looking at spending less than $100 on a drill, it's all about 12 volts or better, and then choosing a color really.

We chose red.

When Brian called last night I told him what we bought, and he asked "What kind?" and I said

"A red one."

Yeah, I know. It's a girl response. But it was fun to just mess with him.

It used to be early in our marriage that if Brian was cooking, I'd lurk in the kitchen and turn things down because he was always cooking things on high and then wondering why things didn't turn out at the same time.

And I'd take a drill or saw out, and suddenly I had a 6'3" shadow standing over me telling ME (or suggesting, because Brian's just not that bossy) how things should be done.

But today, us girls drilled holes and installed a few things on our very own.

Nora was busy in her Einstein Gym, and I was hanging the new 2" wood blinds in the bathroom.

Zoom Zoom!

Brian's going to be very proud of us when he gets home.

But he better not steal my drill.

1 comment:

Tammy said...

Ahhh, that girl is starting off right, alot better than I ever did. And you and your cute little cohort need to come to my house when you're done... lotso work around here!

Red is good!


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