Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thanks Mariea...Hearts Day

You know, sometimes it's good to take a second on Valentine's Day and remember that it's not all about THAT kind of Love.

Love is...

I remember as a kid my Grandma P. sending out this "Love Is..." cartoon. Gram was the kinda lady who liked to clip stuff out of newspapers and magazines and send them to you. Often it was corny or useless information, and sometimes it was a "Love Is..." cartoon, which was both. Well, sort of.

There are many kinds of love out there. We don't all get to share it with The One...and for some people there isn't a One but a Few to love in life.

I think saying that there's only "One" person on the planet is a bit self-limiting, particularly if that One isn't there for you, or just doesn't think you're The One either...or if that One and Only dies early or marries someone else.

The fact is, there's the love of a mother, sister, daughter, friend, as well as a husband, father, brother or son. There's the love of God, country, family and pets.

I'm lucky to have my love of my life be my husband, but it wasn't always that way for me, and I remember dreading Valentine's Day when I was single.

I remember thinking at some time that I had other kinds of love in my life beyond the romantic kind, so I counted my blessings for those people and things.

And thanks to Mariea, I got a cute little quote today about Love,

"Love is like a rollercoaster ride. Sometimes it makes you wanna puke."

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