Thursday, January 31, 2008

Please Get The Carrots in The Carrot Hole, Mom.

This picture makes me look like I am the worst aim ever at getting food into my girl's mouth, dontcha think?

Nora's been learning new solid foods. First it was rice cereal, then oatmeal cereal, and yesterday was her first round at CARROTS!

OK, first of all, they are MESSY. Not because I am bad at aiming, but because my daughter likes to "help" and get her hands involved, and sometimes just likes to shove the whole bib into her mouth while I'm trying to get the SPOON in there.

She does love eating though. The new high chair is a source of lots of fun for her now. She has already figured out what it's for!


ShielaLee said...

The carrot hole - ROFLOL!

Your girl is adorable!

Audrey said...

I have never understood why they have to chew on their bib when you are trying to feed them! FYI...bananas stain. So treat clothing immediately after feeding if you don't want stains when you reach the banana trying stage! Who knew?


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