Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cute Picture Of The Day

You know, I laughed the other day when I was watching a roast of Jeff Foxworthy on the Comedy Channel, and he made a joke about his friend Bill Engvall, and whether he ever told a funny joke that he didn't record.

I wonder sometimes if you guys think something similar of me: Is there a picture of Nora she doesn't post to her blog?

The answer is yes. LOL

But here's the cutest one I've taken in a while. Well, since the nakey pics.

That turtleneck she's wearing I bought at Old Navy back when I was first pregnant with my first baby in 2002. I found it in an old box of baby stuff I'd long since forgotten, and I can't believe my girl can wear it now. The turtleneck actually makes Nora look like she she has a neck!


Tammy said...

She is absolutely adorable!!!! Isn't it great to find something from "back then" and realize you didn't buy it in vain??? I bought a Pooh sleeper in hope at one point on our journey... and both kids wore it, not it's passed on to a friend. Wow...

tims_mom said...

She sure is adorable, but I just heard from your pets, they were meowing and woofing on how you used to blog about them, take pictures of them, and now...nothing. They were talking about staging a revolt... LOL

p.s. Nora IS cuter than the pets, but please don't tell them I told you that, k?



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