Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wow. Wow. And Wow.

I was on YouTube tonight, glancing over all the videos I've uploaded, and I didn't realize that in 18 months, the tribute video I made for Jacob has been seen 6,190 TIMES!

I've received dozens of responses I hadn't seen before. They were all beautiful, all sympathetic, some asking questions of how we are, and if we've had another baby touching.

I had no idea that so many people had seen, much less taken the time to comment on the video. I am truly touched by the kindness of strangers.

As I watched the video tonight again, tears streamed down my face. Brian came over and watched the last half with me, and we were both in tears.

Then Nora made herself known. HEY!!! I'M HERE!!!

Yes you are, my dear. Yes you are.


Timestep said...

LOL at Nora.

I was wondering, how long does it take to read 6,000 comments? WOW.

I'm so glad to know that Jacob has touched so many people.

Jules said...

N -- it's been seen 6000 times.. I haven't gotten that many responses! Just a handful by comparison. But the ones I got were touching!


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