Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just checking in real quick...

The carpet layers are at our house, and I came to the farm to get online. I have a few pictures I'll try to upload of Nora.

As you can imagine, it has been WONDERFUL being HOME. Sunday morning (after Nora slept ALL NIGHT -- 12 HOURS!) I got up and made coffee, got the paper for DH and cooked breakfast...we worked all day to unpack a bit and got Nora's room pretty much done except a few decorative things.

We get Internet tomorrow, and TV satellite hookup on Saturday.

We lost a LOT of stuff due to mold/mildew in storage...most of it was stuff I was glad to lose, actually...like the crappy dining set and the futon mattress. A couple of bookcases that were cheap and needed replacing anyway. Moving day was tough but once we realized we were ok with MOST things (we steam cleaned the couch/loveseat and they are fine) it really was a relief to just get into our house.

DH and I watched a movie in our room last night and he just keeps talking about how wonderful it is that we have our girl, and how neat it is to go to HER room and find her there.

She has slept ALL Night three nights in a row now. Amazing.

Gotta run.


Teri said...

Sooo happy for all of you. Can't wait to see house pictures too as you settle in. Love you guys! Teri

Just Me said...

Isnt sleeping through the night THE BEST THING EVER?! Sorry about the loss of some of your stuff. That's bound to happen when things are in storage. I'm just glad it wasn't things that were irreplaceable.... like photos, etc.. Nora is adorable!! may she always like veggies as much as she does right now. Hannah loved them as a baby but it's a battle to get her to eat a carrot now. Come to think of it... it's a battle to get her to do anything. hmmmmmmm


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