Monday, February 18, 2008

Aunt Jenny's Gift

Tonight I did something I never thought I'd get to nearly a year ago.

When I was first pregnant with Nora, Brian and I were on a road trip to the Grand Canyon, and stopped in Albuquerque with my friend Jenny and her then, brand-new fiance' Jim.

She gave me a few gifts, including this picture frame.

Along with the frame, I remember her note in the card saying that soon it would be filled with happy pictures.

"Yeah, right," I remember thinking.

Oh how pessimistic I was about my pregnancy.

And rightly so -- and I can't think of one person who would argue the point with me.

It's sweet to be able to fill these picture frames with shots of our girl. I picked out pictures of her first hours and days with us -- from Brian and my first moments with her, to the one on the left where she was first home.

Oh how skinny she was!

Now she's more than tripled her weight, and true to her Mommy's genes is a force to be reckoned with when she is tired, hungry, or just plain mad at the world.

And just like her Daddy, she's cheerful in the morning and as forgiving as they come for any neglect or transgression done to her (not that there's much).

Anyway, Thanks Aunt Jenny. Your gift is in full use and I can't thank you enough for having the faith to buy something for my baby long before I was.


Jenny said...

Awe, you are so very welcome Jules. Every time I see a pic of Nora, it just warms my little heart. I am so happy that you finally get to hear your child laugh... and say 'mama' (months after she's mastered 'dada' of course). :o)

The pictures are perfect.... absolutely perfect.

Sheri said...

Love, love , love all the pictures you share with us of your beautiful, precious little girl! I am reminded so much of myself in your words.... you are conveying many of the same things I felt when I had Hannah. It was amazing and so surreal at the same time.


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