Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why I'm A Liberal

I get a lot of trolls -- including one who every time I post something political says my liberal leanings are "nothing short of scary".

After that, I hit "Reject" and think: Now THAT is silly.

I am not only free to think what I want, I'm free to type it right here.

I don't mean to offend anyone, but it's bound to happen because I have strong views, and quite frankly, I don't care much for what the most vocal, most conservative of the Conservatives have to say. I simply do not agree with them. Likewise, I expect most (not all, but most) Republicans to shake their heads at me. For that reason (my friend Tammy) I invited them to move on.

Sorry, if that bothered you at all. But those on either end who are willing to consider all sides at this point are a distinct minority.

I should be able to say what I want to here because this is my blog. I just don't want a bunch of spam in my box because of it, and I've gotten plenty in the past.

And I'm editing this to add for the benefit of my friends who are Republicans, or have voted Republican in the past: This isn't pointed at you. If you were leaning that far to the right, chances are we aren't friends. And I know that there's a difference among those who vote Republican and say, James Dobson. So please don't take offense since none is intended.

Moving on:

In my opinion, politics can be a lot like Christianity: There are people in it who want to keep the Biblical/proverbial tax collectors, prostitutes and others who are "different" out. The way I was raised, Christian churches were built on the fundamental idea that it's about bringing people IN to the fold that matters. That's where you have the chance to make changes in people's lives beyond their salvation.

I see the divisiviness of our parties in a similar light as the way many Christian churches function in very different ways -- some are open to gays, minorities and those who need help finding their way -- some are closed.

I find a fundamental racism, sexism and homophobia among many policies and platforms of the Republican party (Immigration ideas like a FENCE at the Mexican border being just one)...I know there are Republican people who aren't, but there are more that are and just think they are not.

My issue with the GOP is that when the vast majority of the party doesn't believe in equality for women, gays and minorities in every arena, (for example: the ability to fully participate in the military), well I have a problem with that.

The question is, what are they trying to conserve?

Their exclusivity, their power and the money they make with it, that's what I say.

What I don't get is why poor people in this country keep buying the "family values" line that Republicans have always pushed. Republicans' hands are just as dirty, if not more so, when it comes to falling down in the Family Values department. The sheer hypocrisy is enough to turn my stomach.

Conversely, I see the Left (Democrats being included but not being exclusive) as being open enough to consider nominating a woman and a Black man with a Muslim name -- at the same time no less -- as embracing the best they have to offer. Meanwhile, all the Republicans can do is throw us another round of Conservative white guys who are literally having a match over who can prove they're more conservative.

What is a conservative anyway. If you're conservative, what are you thinking when you say you are?

What makes me sick about this next election is that they'll attack Obama by making sure to point out that his middle name is Hussein -- only to spark fear and racism in the hearts of those on the fence, not because it has any bearing on his qualifications.

And they'll attack Hillary for being a leader, or worse, by bringing up her husband's indescretions as if she had anything to do with it. They'll do what they can to make her break down and cry, and then point and say "You don't want a crying woman in the White House, do you?"

I don't get why people say they'll "Never vote for Hillary, EVER".

What's with the "EVER"?

What has she done that's so horrible?

She was First Lady to a President who did more for world peace and our financial prosperity. She was given the task of trying to come up with universal healthcare and that failed.

The Republicans will likely try to privatize insurance in the next few years. Will others not vote for them too if they fail?

When I say I'm a Liberal, what it means to me is that I have a "live and let live" attitude towards most if not all people. I believe in a sharp separation of Church and State. I don't believe for one minute that there is a "right way" to live in terms of ones sex, sexuality, race, or religion. I may not always succeed or be perfect at it, but I try to stamp out racism and any other negative "ism" where I see it. I don't think for one minute that the status quo will save our environment, or our very lives and the lives of everyone else on the planet.

I believe that America has squandered its opportunity to be a leader in the world, and lost its reputation for the sake of money, oil, power and greed. I am sickened by the fact that our allies abroad wonder what the heck we're smoking over here.

And I find myself wondering the same thing.

Just give me a Democrat, and I'll vote for him/her.

Comments on this blog entry, for obvious reasons, will be closed. If you want to e-mail me and discuss it and you have my address, you're welcome to it. -- Thanks.

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