Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Letting Sleeping Babies Lie

I took Nora to two stores today, and you woulda thought I made the girl run a marathon.

She was fussing in the car on the way to store #2 (literally two blocks away) and then when I got her in the house, she fussed and fussed, but I kept her in her chair while I unloaded the car.

As I started putting things away, she seemed happy playing with her favorite blankie (thank you Melinda!) and trying to stuff the entire thing in her mouth.

Before too long, it got quiet.

I'm still waiting for that "Too Quiet" that Moms talk about, except that she's 5 months old, strapped into her carseat and I know she can't be causing any trouble, like feeding Play-Doh to the cats or throwing my keys down the toilet.


So here's what I found instead.

This is what we call "Letting sleeping babies lie."


ShielaLee said...

I totally just posted a "TOO QUIET" for you on my blog! How funny!

She sure is a cutie patootie!

tims_mom said...

Yes...let them sleep, because once they become mobile...you'll never have a moment of peace again!


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