Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama vs. Hillary

If you're a Republican, just go ahead and just skip this whole blog entry. You'll find most of what I say either offensive or something. Move on.

If you're a Democrat and not paying attention to the election-to-come and like me still haven't had a chance to vote in your primary, you're probably wondering what exactly you're going to do.

OK, so I'm wondering.

I've had the issue of experience come up when speaking of Hillary vs. Obama.

I don't find a lot of people voting for Hillary Clinton because they think she's wonderful.

My brother from New York voted for her mostly because of experience -- so he said.

And that's when I started thinking: Who will I vote for and why?

Yes, this is a historic moment in time for America. Us Democrats have a special and very serious duo to consider that Republicans will never have: two qualified contenders for the White House who aren't White Men. At the same time, even!

First of all, let's get one thing out there: I'm a fan of Bill Clinton.

I don't care who he slept with, and who he lied about it to. I don't care. I am willing to concede that most in politics have probably been unfaithful to their marriages due to the Power Thing: If you're in power, you're attractive. If asked about it, you'd probably lie.

But I'm NOT a fan of Hillary.

It's not for staying with Bill. That's her business. I just don't find a few extra years in the Senate as being a viable reason for voting for her vs. Obama.

I realize that both would be fine Presidents. My question is simple: Who can beat McCain?

Hillary angers many and pisses off even more.

I just see her devisiveness as being a HUGE problem.

But if you've seen Obama open his mouth, you realize that he has that French word that sounds better than the English "I Don't Know What", and I realize that Bill Clinton had it in '92 when I first saw him.

But I sincerely doubt his wife does.

There was a time when I didn't think there was a Republican on God's Green Earth who could win this election. But nominating a moderate war hero like McCain would be the closest thing the Republicans could do to try and redeem themselves for the past eight years of absolute atrocities to our civil liberties, not to mention our reputation abroad.

No, we need someone who can offer the picture of hope if not the hope itself. That, my friends, is made of more than just a man.

But then secretly I hope for an Obama/Clinton ticket.

Now, we're talkin'.


Sarah in London said...

Jules, I'm glad you've blogged about this - I've been wondering what your take on it was. It's fascinating watching from across the pond, and must be even more so from your side. I might even e-mail you about it!

Hugs - and I'm looooving all the Nora pics.


Tammy said...

Hey, dear friend! My Republican sensibility is not offended by this post at all. I am a little offended however, that there's this assumption that all those who think Republican in the way they look at the world (which isn't a BAD thing in so many ways... it takes all kinds doesn't it?) aren't willing to read and consider what you are saying, that we should just move along, that we're not interested in any sort of dialog at all. I almost did move along, but I read, as I have been doing for this whole long election cycle, trying to see the whole picture.

We most probably will never agree on all things politics which is why you'll see I stay out of the conversation and don't talk about it much anywhere, even though it is something that occupies my mind almost all the time right now. I'm not hear to try to convince anyone of my viewpoint, which for me, has been hard fought, well considered.

I won't move along... I will consider what you are saying. I may not agree, but I will think about it. There are some of us who do that.

Tammy said...

One thing I forgot to add.. we can agree on this... I will not vote for Ms. Clinton, ever. So if she does become the nominee, which right now, doesn't look like it's gonna happen, my choice will be between, Obama (and yes, I am thinking and listening and researching EACH candidate), McCain or not voting at all. It is the first time I've considered that in my life.

Anonymous said...

As a matter of note Jules, your youngest brother and his wife caucused for Obama, convinced three friends to make it out to caucus that otherwise would not have made the time, have joined the local Obama support group (Whatcom for Obama), have donated three times to the campaign (and will continue until Victory), and I (Jeremy) have written our Senators seeking a reconsideration of their support of the Senator from New York as superdelegates to the convention. Yes We Can!


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