Wednesday, February 13, 2008

She Looks Like I Feel

Here's one of my favorite pictures of Nora from the other day when she fell asleep hanging onto one of her toys in her play gym...Boy. She looks like Brian and I both feel. TIRED!

The good news is, we're ONLINE again!

The Qwest guy was here nearly 2 most things in my 1945-built home, everything is he worked pretty hard to get 2 lines in the house working so we could answer the phone and have a line for the router for the INTERNET...'d think I was gone for WEEKS the way I feel. LOL I'm so hooked to getting online it's NOT FUNNY!! OK, it is funny...but I realized how often I look up where things are or phone numbers or other information online...and being new in town and needing to know where a used furniture place is or an Office Depot or whatever...what a PAIN it is to have to call 411, then call the store and ask, and still not know if you've reached the closest one because the operators don't really care that much, and online you can search on a map.

Isn't the Internet wonderful?

Anyway, the carpet is in, some more boxes have been unpacked. The computer's on a card table because our desk was left in Denver (DH hated it and I couldn't get it into the truck it was SO FULL) so we bought a new one, but unfortunately assembly is required, and I'm not doing that alone.

I actually just let out a sigh of relief.

I feel like I have access to the outside world again, without having to leave my house!

Saturday comes Dish Network people. We'll be in high cotton then!

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