Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This weekend Brian spent a LOT of time rewiring and replacing light fixtures throughout the house.

The family room chandelier kept hitting him in the head, and Brian, who's not prone to violence except while watching sports or bonking his head, muttered under his breath more than once that he wanted to "take a baseball bat to that thing."

Fortunately for everyone, including all the baby's things that sit under the light, he didn't...but he did replace it.

This picture is of our living room...it looks messy I suppose, but it's just proof that the room is taking shape at long last! The light fixture is new, the walls are painted, the carpet replaced, and our sofa & loveseat replaced.

This picture on the left is the cheesy awful, cheap brass fixture that came with the dining room...
And this picture on the right is its replacement. It's similar but not quite the same as the light in the living room.
This was Nora's "Ca-lassy" light in her room "before". I still can't believe how ugly this thing was, AND the odd thing is it's not in the center of the room! Not to mention the three different kinds of light bulbs -- all bare.

Yeah, that's why I call it "Ca-lassy" with lots of dripping sarcasm.
Brian put this light fixture in, which allows us to point the lights away from her crib, towards her closet and and towards but not right at -- her diaper changing area.

Plus! He put dimmer switches in all the rooms too, including the living, dining, family and Nora's room.
And for the purposes of entertaining you all, here's a couple obligatory pictures of our girl. I have an even cuter one of the baseball hat picture, but it's on my camera phone and somehow I managed to lose the SD mini card reader adaptor on my desk somewhere.

I still can't believe that she looks so BIG and so OLD when I put a hat on her or she looks at the camera in some new way.

And what did I do all weekend? I did get out and buy Nora's baptismal outfit. I also got her some white tights and shoes. Then when I got home, I immediately apologized to her that tights and nylons are a fact of life for women, although not nearly what it used to be! HA.

And I did get over to Mom's and clean her carpets for her, leaving her to spend lots of time with Daddy. They go through their ABC and 123 books that Oma and Opa gave her every day!

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