Saturday, March 01, 2008


This morning Brian got up, intent on getting things done around the house.

Anyone with an infant knows how hard it can be to get things done with a baby around. So Brian put on the backpack that Susan & Doug gave us, and into that baby backpack went our precious girl.

This picture is a personal favorite because I see such a similarity between Nora and her Daddy in this picture, and that it was the first time I noticed she actually smiled because she saw a camera (we have a smart girl). And throughout the morning, Nora "followed" Daddy around in this backpack, blissfully involved in everything he did just because she could watch.

I have to say that the most fun of recent months has been watching Nora with her Daddy, and Daddy with his Nora.

It really is pure bliss to watch your husband tell his daughter how much he loves her. To see her grin when she hears his voice.

Today was a beautiful day. A day where we got to hang out and be a family. We went shopping for a new bookshelf. Gave stuff to Goodwill. Got our new library cards. Ate dinner at a Thai restaurant downtown.

It was a day that ended with me saying to myself "I'm happy."

Ah, Satisfaction.

You're so elusive sometimes, but attainable.


Sheri said...

what a lovely post! That picture is fabulous and I adore Nora's smile. I can see why you are so taken with your beautiful little girl.

I hope today is another great day for you all!

MissHelen said...

What a fun weekend! Nora is the most adorable baby, EVAR! :)
And oh yea, Brian ain't half-bad looking either. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh....I am so happy to see this picture! I am glad she enjoys the pack as much as we enjoy seeing her in it!

Love ya Susan and Doug


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