Saturday, August 18, 2007

This Mama's Proud

My nurse Gretchen today was nothing short of fabulous.

I started out at 8 a.m. waking up to breakfast coming, and her cracking some joke with me that made me think "ahhh, much better than the nurse from last night who forgot my chocolate shake til it melted outside and had no sense of humor."

She was wonderful. She teased me and I teased back. Today she brought me my TUMS and said she'd forgotton to give them to me earlier and claimed to be out of it today, so I ribbed her about her not paying enough attention to me and that surely that must be some sort of malpractice. I said "Wow, that makes me wonder what else you forgot!"

Eye rolls from Gretchen The Nurse.

I think I have a reputation building at the nurse's station as a funster, because the nurses seem to be having fun with me. She said how refreshing it is to have someone like me on her roster. I wonder what kind of whiners she gets on a day to day basis.

But here's what she said today that made my day: She said that our baby is doing fantastic, and that looking at her monitoring graphs, her heartbeat and movements are "way beyond what we expect out of a baby at 29-30 weeks."

So I get to sleep with a smile tonight that our girl is well and she's exceeding expectations already.

I didn't realize how much I needed to hear something good today until I heard Gretchen say those things. This just might buy her a little slack when she comes home with that first B grade.

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3outta5 said...

See? Yet another reason to name her GRETCHEN. ;-)


SO glad she is doing so well! That is great news to hear that she is a high achiever!!


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