Monday, August 13, 2007

And then BAM!!! Bedrest

I'm in a hospital in Portland being observed as we just found out I have placenta previa (my placenta is right over my cervix), which caused some bleeding, and a nail-biting speedometer popping trip to the hospital.

Our baby is fine, she's measuring 29.2 weeks, weighing in around 3 lbs. (EXCELLENT), and has lots of fluid around her (that's good too), and we're into buying her time at this point.

But we had some bleeding yesterday and today so they sent me to a specialist hospital here in Portland, where I will be observed for about a week.

I'll update more later, since I'm about to have a LOT of time to kill, but wanted to ask for your prayers, positive thoughts, whatever it is you send up.

Our girl is going to be ok, according to our specialist. She might come early, but she should be ok.


Glee said...

Wendi called me Monday evening to let me know that you were in the hospital. I lifted both you and your little girl up in prayer. I will continue to do so. I sense that everything will be o.k. Know that I will continue to pray for you both. I have been keeping up with your blog.
Love to you both

Sara C. said...

Jules, I've been praying so hard for you and Miss Kicky. You have a whole contingent of ladies sending nothing but positive thoughts and lots of prayers. Keep your chin up and your eye on the prize. Soon, this will be a story you tell "Nora" about when she's 16 and asking for the car keys.

tims_mom said...

Have you on a bunch of prayer lists here too. Baby and you will be great! 2 lb 14wk early cousin, just turned 4 at the end of July!



Anonymous said...

10 years and 11 months ago today I went into the hospital, hemorrhaging from a complete placenta previa. 11 years ago today, after a month in the hospital, I gave birth via scheduled c-section to my son. I'll be thinking of you and Kicky -- remember that you are exactly where you need to be.

Tammy said...

You know I'd be there if I could. I even checked flights there for next weekend, that's how much I feel like holding your hand. I'm just so very thankful that you are there with family... yet another serendipity in this whole thing as far as I'm concerned. Amazing the turn of events that a pink slip can begin to land you in a bed in Portland. I for one am claiming that as yet another miracle, no matter what others may believe.

I "hear" your sense of peace about this and just want to echo that. I am praying for a miracle, which I believe is already in the works and has been since the day Kicky was conceived. She is THE miracle. And each precious day she is with you ~ in you ~ is a blessing.

Hang in there. I know you know what your job is right now. You are the Momma and are doing an excellent job!!! Hugs to you and many, many prayers for you and B and Kicky.

Love from here...

MeesheMama said...

Many well wishes to you, Jules and Kicky girl. And many good book ideas.

Teri said...

The Utah bunch that fell in love with you has you in their thoughts too:-)

Christa said...

You know you're in my prayers constantly. And that precious little girl too, of course. I'm sure bed rest won't be the easiest thing you've ever done, but I know you'll do anything to take care of this little one. Take care, and know that you are being prayed for by many, many people.

MissHelen said...

Yowza. I read your email with very keen interest (and more than a bit of concern), and I'm glad I haven't canceled that particular email account yet. It's GREAT to hear that you and Kicky are all right, and know that I'm thinking about you A LOT.


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