Friday, August 24, 2007

Julie's Grand Day Out

Yesterday afternoon I got to go on a field trip! It was the first wheelchair ride out of my room in 11 days since I landed in the hospital.

Ah, the taste of freedom.

I was very excited to get out.
First, Brian showed me where my ice water came from:

He even wheeled me in all the way so I could see the mini pop machine and other stuff. It's always good to know where ice comes from, so you can direct the newbies a few doors down.
Then he wheeled me past the nurse's station.

This was the only other place I knew to exist in the hospital. They brought me here in an ambulance through the Emergency Room, so I didn't get any sort of reference point of where I've been in here.

Brian then wheeled me to the elevators and took me to the gift shop. We went through that nice and slowly. I took a picture of the chocolate rack where I blew most of the $5.00 my friend Teri sent me to spend on chocolate.

Unfortunately the picture didn't turn out, but the chocolate and Mentos were still good. :)
Then it was OUTSIDE!

Fresh air!


I asked Brian to slow down just so I could enjoy the short trip down the sidewalk to the other entrance back on the West Wing.

Nurse Alissa said we had 15 minutes and I knew we'd already blown through that so we headed back through Emergency to find some elevators back upstairs.

But not before we stopped by the chapel.

And before Brian showed me where we were when his brother David was in this hospital so many years ago.

So that was a half hour of my day yesterday!

It is amazing what I can get excited about. But after 11 days in this pink-walled room and no end in sight, just finding out where I am in relation to the rest of the hospital is a wonderful thing.

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