Sunday, August 19, 2007

So Much For Our Lucky Streak!

The morning just started out all wrong.

First some guy from the lab walked in at 6:15 and said a few words before throwing the strangulation thing on my arm and poking me for a blood sample -- all while I was virtually asleep.

Brian went to church this morning...My sister stopped by on her way back home...and just before noon, I woke up to a nap-ending feeling.

I had a bit more bleeding.

I called the nurse and she hooked me up to the monitors, and our girl is fine, so am I, but all bets are off for me to go home this week.

The doctor should stop by sometime to tell me that, but I already know.

The nurse said she doesn't know of any previa patient who stops bleeding completely. "It pretty much keeps going like this til the baby comes," she said.

So, I'm in the slammer. Brian just went to the fabric store for me to buy some stuff so I can handquilt my nieces quilt in bed instead of machine quilting it. It'll give me something to do.

Because I sure as heck can't anticipate going home anytime soon.

Oh well. As the nurse said, "That's why you're here."


Teri said...

Can't leave :(
Getting poked while sleeping :(
You'll get to meet your daughter soon :):):) (priceless)

And I just wrapped up a package for her.

MissHelen said...

I have to echo teri's comment, without the package part (gotta put my sewing room back together first :).
Hang in there Jules, you're almost done. I'm sending lots of good health karma to you and Miss Kicky. :)


Anonymous said...

I have been following your story since my sis, Tammy, told me about Jacob who passed about the same time as my Kaylie. I had PP with Kaylie (which by the way had NOTHING to do with her death)and I am so relieved for you that you are somewhere where you and your little one are being monitored. With Kaylie, there was talk of the possibility of bedrest toward the end of the pregnancy and all I could think was-"I can't teach first grade from a bed." This time (due in Jan.!!!) if it happens again I'll say-"Lead me to the bed." You are blessed that she is 3 pounds(WOW!!)and healthy.
Just remember at the end of the journey-you'll be holding a sweet baby girl and it will all be worth it.


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