Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Baby Stuff and Belly Shots

My little brother Joel just got here from NYC for the long weekend, and he and his partner David just stopped by the hospital on the way from the airport.

Joel and David went crazy at Baby Gap and another Manhattan baby store, and just brought me a BUNCH of little clothes and shoes, including the green striped Baby Gap sleeper that a friend suggested I buy earlier this week.
This weekend is the 3rd Not Very Annual Joelapalooza, a party at my brother Jeff's farm that is held about every other year for Joel so his West Coast friends can come see him, we get to see him, and a small Woodstock breaks out on the mini-farm.
And here's my belly shot of today -- at 31 weeks, 3 days, we're closing in on our all-important 32 weeks mark. I can tell I've grown even more since I took the last one shortly after I arrived at the hospital.

And that's a good thing.

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Teri said...

OH MY GOD - You're nesting. Can't do it at it on the blog. Wow - nice redesign. By the way have they hidden the paint brushes from you? Or are you having to live in pastel land????

Love you, I'm about out the door. Have a great birth-day....let me know!


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