Monday, August 27, 2007

Apparently We Need To Bury St. Joseph

DH is supposed to fly to Denver this weekend for his fantasy football draft (barring the baby arriving by Friday, he'll go).

I informed him that he's supposed to bury a St. Joseph's statue in the yard at our house so it will sell.

He's Lutheran like me, so the look on his face was a bit priceless. "Oh Really?" He said. "Yeah." I said. "Doesn't that seem sorta sacreligious since we're not, uh, CATHOLIC?"

"Apparently we don't have to be Catholic to get help from their saints," I said.

No disrespect intended, but we Lutherans don't get the whole "Saint of this, saint of that" thing. I mean we've HEARD of it. It's just not part of our religious upbringing to believe in there being a patron saint of real estate.

But the house hasn't sold. We're getting lookers here and there, but the market sucks and our house is a little quirky so it's going to be slow to sell. So I'm willing to experiment with being quasi-Catholic this weekend for as long as it takes to bury a statue in the yard.

So tell me, do we bury it in a specific spot?

Where do we get a St. Joseph statue?

Is there a Catholic supply store online where I can get one?


Audrey said...

I don't understand the Saint thing either, but here you go if you really want to do it!

Otherwise, I would think Christian book stores would have or know where to get them.

Lauren said...

There's also, apparently, a specific position in which it's supposed to be buried... You have to bury him upsidedown!

Teri said...

Catholic store. Bury it whereever. Good luck...I'll pass the word on while I'm communing with the Saints OK?

Aren't you glad now you have a Republican CATHOLIC friend.

Boy do we come in handy sometimes.

Poodle Poodle Poodle

MissHelen said...

Funny you mention that...I did just that to sell my condo, and it worked. I don't remember where to get a St. Joseph statue, but I remember doing a google search and getting a site where I bought one of those online.
The funniest part about all this was that like you, I don't get the whole Catholic thing either (spouse 1.0 was a Fallen Catholic, and a very guilty one at that). :)

Anonymous said...

In Catholocism, there's a fine line between 'voodoo Christianity' (an act like throwing salt over one's shoulder for luck) and a true act of faith. This St.Joe burial thing is a little too far on the salty side for my likes ;) I'm not saying God's discounting or disqualifying it. I'd prolly bury the realtor who has enjoyed having the listing but hasn't been able to dig-up a buyer. Or in a more prayerful vein, pray a novena to St. Jude again and again. Oops, but you Loothies don't believe in intercessory prayer. And here it's SUCH convenient utility for us genuflectors. Maybe the statue's ritual will payoff. The buyer may be a Catholic dog-owner whose Rover digs it up and provides the neighborhood with a Miracle story and proclamation of it being Holy Ground. That's the Dwidget perspective, anyway. WAIT! You Loothies DO believe in intercessory prayer. You pray to Jesus who forwards the call to His Dad. Jesus intercedes. Catholics Win!! (Sorry Jules'-father).

Anonymous said...

Dwidget, again: Ya know, the more I've thought about it, the sadder this seems.

Think about it...

The guy's not gettin' any 'sump'in-sump'in,' and his girlfriend gets knocked up. THEN, she says God did it. He STILL doesn't dump her, but becomes a good dad.

And we honor him into perpetuity by burying his likeness, upside-down, where the dog doody goes!?

It *takes a saint* to endure this.

My money says St. Joe is LHAO.


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