Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Shiela Made Me Do It

My friend Shiela started this, and I'm already glad she did. She told me I had to take a picture of some of the people taking care of me and my baby.

At first I thought that was weird, but now I realize that we're documenting a looooooonnnnngg, drawn out birth story for my girl, and I really should have pictures of some of the people who helped our baby make it.

This is my 10th day in the hospital, and this picture of my nurse today is of Alissa, my first "repeat" nurse.

Every day and every night someone new nurse has walked in. But today I got Alissa back.

When you're a "lifer" on what feels like forever bedrest, it's nice to see a familiar face.

Alissa gave me a hard time a couple days ago when she was here. But then I probably started it. She laughed almost as evilly as I do when I told my brother in front of her that she was mean.

There aren't any mean nurses at this hospital. I haven't met one yet anyway. They are not all the same, but they are all wonderful.

So if you have a nurse in your family, give him or her a hug today and say thanks.

And thanks Shiela, for getting started on documenting my stay with more people. I know, I have to get a doctor next.


ShielaLee said...

What a smart cookie that Shiela is!! LOL Actually, and sadly enough, she's just very experienced in the "bedrest" department! ;)

Sheri said...

I've been trying to leave comments for days and this stupid Blogger has been giving me fits!!! grrrrr

Your daughter is going to love this birth journal someday! The photo documentation is an awesome idea. Sheila is a smart cookie.


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