Wednesday, October 17, 2007

One Month Old!

I can't believe my girl is a month old. I know, I know, four weeks was Monday so the one-month mark was coming...but still, taking her to the doctor today and seeing how much she's grown on the scale made me realize how much bigger she really is!
We got a little silly with the camera today. We had lots of awake time, so we took lots of pictures while her eyes are open.
One of her things is that she'll sleep ANYWHERE except her crib. The crib, we get crying and screaming at random. Sometimes we get an hour, but that's it.
But, she'll sleep in the car seat. She'll sleep on the floor, in our bed, or in the laundry basket.

I'm not sure what to do about it just yet, since it's fine now that she's not mobile...but this is going to be trouble soon enough if I can't get her to sleep behind bars!


Anonymous said...

In a blink she'll be a little speed tornado....her poop will really, it will REALLY smell..and she'll be eating chunks of...whatever! Savor every precious moment. I can't believe I'm saying it now.... but I actually miss those precious, intimate, wee hour feeds in the middle of the night.

Oh...the only way we got Louis to sleep soundly in a bassinet or crib(crib at about 4 months) was in a swaddle. It holds them nice and snug. We had one called a miracle blanket, that he couldn't kick out of. I SWEAR by swaddling, but I know some babies want to sprawl. I also 'wore' Louis a lot in a little fleece sling. He would just sleep and sleep while I did my thing. Whatever works....that's my take. Ahh....that's parenthood for ya!

Love ya,


Teri said...

OK - the laundry basket has me cracking up! Love it!

Tammy said...

Happy MOnth Day Miss Nora!!!

If the laundry basket works then do it. Si didn't go into the crib til after five months, just a little bassinet (that looks eerily similar to the laundry basket which begs the question... why did I spend all that $$$ on the bassinet???) in our room. Then we were ready to get him to sleep on his own so we moved him to the crib and started laying him down. He slept swaddled til 13 months so that was the difference for us. But it worked.

And Now I see the double chin!!!! She is adorable!!! You must know that now that my LIttle Man is hardly toddling, but fully walking, nearly sprinting, you are doing nothing to help my baby itch. Nothing. Sigh!!! Thanks for sharing so many pics of your sweet girl here. I come every day to see what you and Nora are up to!

Anonymous said...

O.K.....I have to mention this. (Hello out there Tammy...who ever you are). Julie and my little guy...Louis are already arranged to be married! I noticed we have what seems like competition. It was arranged between Julie and I just prior to her birth. We sort of decided on a fall wedding after she gets a respectable amount of education. There are also goats involved. In our arrangement, with sound mind.... Julie wrote, and I quote "We may send a goat and the rest of your dowry demands with her, but she will have a mind of her own, I'm just warning you now!" So....all you Little Guys out there....making eyes on our beautiful, dashing, talented, strong, spirited, wonderful better have more than a goat!

That's all,



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