Sunday, October 28, 2007

Nicknames for Nora

On the last ultrasound of Nora a couple weeks before she was born, she had these cheeks that just wouldn't quit. It was so neat when she was out to see those cheeks in person.

As you can imagine, they just beg to be kissed and pinched ever-so-gently.

The cheeks are just one feature that cause us to call her by several nicknames.

Only a few of which are:

My Mom calls her "Squeaky" because she squeaks so much just lying there sleeping, I've called her "Weed" for growing so fast, and of course "Cheeks & Chins", which you can see by the pictures she's earned the right to be called both.


Lauren said...

Oh my goodness, what cheeks! They just get more zrrbbtt-able with every passing day.

What do Lucy and the kitties think of our darling Nora?

tims_mom said...

How about Cheech....

She sure is adorable no matter what name she goes by!


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